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          Free postage for all orders OVER $100 within Australia! Minimum purchase $15.

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          Kelani Fabric stems from a passion for unique contemporary, modern fabrics!

          Kelani Fabric offer a large and inspiring range of fabrics suitable for home decorating, children's decor, womens and childrenswear, bagmaking and other craft and sewing projects. Along with Japanese fabrics and designer fabrics from around the world, Kelani Fabric is particularly proud to stock an extensive range of unique and wonderful Australian designer fabrics which are hand screen printed on an array of lovely natural and organic basecloths. Fabrics are sold by the metre and part metre and a custom made cushion and lampshade service is also available.

          Kelani Fabric has a strong focus on exceptional customer service, offers free delivery within Australia on orders over $100 (excludes wholesale orders) and welcomes all international orders.

          Kelani Fabric wishes you a happy shopping experience and hopes you find many fabrics to inspire you to create and decorate!


          Browse our Handmade Inspiration Gallery showcasing the many fabulous handmade works of our customers & read our blog for other great ideas & store updates!

          Kelani Fabric offers a large range of designer fabrics, japanese fabrics and Australian fabrics and textiles suitable for home decorating, children's decor as well as craft and sewing projects. Custom made cushions and lampshades are also available from our fabric collections. Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, and Nani Iro fabrics. Australian online fabric store, fabric, fabrics, home decorating fabric, childrens fabric, australian designer fabrics, japanese fabrics, modern contemporary fabric, sewing patterns, bag supplies, kids fabric, nursery fabric, australian textiles, organic fabric, linen fabric, cotton fabric, quilting fabric, sewing patterns
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